Never Give Up

Our Business Model

Never Give Up

Mountain Creek Marketing is truly a complete outsourced sales and marketing company for your products. In a competitive market, it is important to have an experienced representative to take action on your behalf. They need to understand market changes, have their finger on the consumers’ pulse, be innovative enough to develop products for manufacturers that meet upcoming consumer trends, and have the connections to be a forerunner in market transitions. This enables your company to focus on your core business — the development, manufacture, and continuous improvement of flagship products.

This business model has benefited our clients for decades, as it truly unburdens them from what can be the most time-consuming, frustrating and complicated part of the business; giving them more time to pursue their passion of creating delicious and unique products.

Mindful of implementing all elements on the client priority list, which includes driving sales, Mountain Creek Marketing provides our clients with:

  • The know-how and relationships to connect at all retail decision points
  • Headquarter contacts of all retail chain stores
  • Division-level interaction with key national chain retailers
  • Deep and frequent interaction with wholesalers
  • Added benefits derived from long-time partnerships
  • Best practices to help ensure efficient and profitable client and customer sales
  • Division support in national wholesaler companies
  • Protocols to ensure 100% distribution of existing product

Never Give Up

We are small enough to be PERSONAL, large enough to be PROFICIENT.”