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Sandy Tucker

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Sandy can’t get enough of bakeries, cakes and decorating bake goods, which is good because she’s spent 17 years in bakery departments before entering into the brokerage end of the business where she has remained for more than eight years. Besides bakery, she has worked front end, grocery, meat, general merchandise, and deli. Day-to-day activities vary from getting stores ready for walk-throughs, checking the product lines that are in stores for quality and dates, and training personnel on using different items in order to meet manufacturer standards.

While her first loves are her son and husband, her love of the job holds the runner-up position. Taking care of two cats and two dogs, four-wheeling, camping and archery fill up the rest of her free time.

When asked what is most satisfying about her job, she said, “I get the most satisfaction out of seeing stores consistently selling our items. Of course, that leads to the growth of our business, which is hugely satisfying as well.”


“We are small enough to be PERSONAL, large enough to be PROFICIENT.”