With decades of experience to back us up, Mountain Creek Marketing prides itself on going above and beyond for all of our clients. The three-pronged partnership between Mountain Creek Marketing and our food manufacturing clients and store customers ensures the highest possible POS, high volume turns, brand recognition and selection — in turn translating into greater sales.

Enduring partnerships are largely the result of effective communication (including well-honed listening skills), trust, competency, affordability, likability and common sense. Life is too short to attempt having a meaningful business relationship that lacks any one of these qualities.

Mountain Creek Marketing handles everything from corporate and regional office sales calls to store resets, including and not limited to the following:

• Product Tags
• Schematics and Placement of Product Suggestions
• New Product Innovation
• Product Placement
• Quick and Timely Store Sets
• Provide Shippers, Rack Programs and Displays
• Order Processing
• Retail Technical Support
• Data Solutions
• Deduction Clearing and Accounts Receivable (invoice interface from retailer back to manufacturing)
• Consumer Survey
• Sales Tracking
• Order Tracking
• Store Follow-Ups
• Trade Show Presentations
• Packaging Design Assistance
• Baking and Decorative Guidelines
• Special Event and Promotional Communications
• Product Evaluation

“We are small enough to be PERSONAL, large enough to be PROFICIENT.”